A Scary night in the woods!

Usually when I am sleeping out in my bivvy bag I do so in a fairly open field or near the top of a hill or mountain. This usually gives you the best view of the stars as you drift off to sleep. For a change I decided to try a bivvy in some woods. Continue reading

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Bikepacking, what is it?

Bikepacking, cycle touring, adventure racing, riding a really long way in a week, going on a round the world trip….. it doesn’t matter how you define it as it is whatever it means to you that is important. I don’t think that there is a definitive meaning of what bikepacking is. It can mean so many things to different people. Continue reading

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Six & a half hours on a bicycle

or in other words, 160 kilometres, or 100 miles.
This is something I had been meaning to try for quite a while but other things and my mind got in the way.

Continue reading

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Wildlife, Pigeons, CX Bikes & Footpaths.

This gallery contains 19 photos.

Mid July saw the pack (me, my wife, dogs and two bicycles) head off for a weeks holiday. I had finally spent some time designing, building and installing some racks and shelves in to the van to maximise the available … Continue reading

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