For Sale: MTB Shoes & 56cm Road Bike

Having a bit of a clear out…. First time I’ve ever posted stuff for sale on the blog. This won’t be a regular thing! Continue reading

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Planning time….

It’s that time of year when my thoughts turn to the coming new year. Rather than some people who view this as a backward looking time to be melancholy about the various goals that haven’t been achieved in the year that’s about to end, I see it as an opportunity to renew old objectives and create new ones. When you think about it we are human beings not human doings so if I don’t manage all of the goals I can cope. Continue reading

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Maxxis Chronicles

At long last an alternative for venerable Surly Knard 29×3.0 tyre has arrived. Whilst the Knard is a great fast rolling tyre for drier conditions it washes out quite quickly on the terrain that I spend most of my time riding the Krampus on. Enter the Maxxis ChronicleContinue reading

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Finally a facebook page!

To allow me to update my followers more quickly I have finally set up a facebook page. This will act as a complement to this blog and allow me to provide more frequent but shorter updates, information, ideas and ramblings :) It can be found here. Give it a ‘like’, FB-ThumbsUp_29go on, you know you want to :)

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How many bikes is too many? :)

A good question. At present my bike collection is the largest it has ever been. I was asked by a friend of my wife’s why I had so many bikes as I can only ride one at a time. I replied by asking why she had so many pairs of shoes and handbags as she could only wear one pair or use one bag at a time……. Continue reading

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Fat Bike again….

Having sold the Surly Pugsley Ops as I wasn’t using it I decided that my life really did need a fat bike but that I didn’t want to spend a large sum of money on what would be an occasional use bike. Say hello to the Silverback Double Scoop :) Continue reading

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