Genesis Longitude – quick update

I finished this a few weeks ago but haven’t had the chance to post about it. Full update to follow :) Continue reading

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Genesis Longitude

Having ridden a Surly Krampus for well over a year now I am sold on the 29+ wheel concept. The bike has been used for a number of bike packing trips and has performed very well, especially with the addition of the anything cage mount fork. Continue reading

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Updated – Patience is a virtue?

You wait over three months for your new fat bike to arrive from Germany, it arrives late on Xmas eve, all is well. Continue reading

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Funny handlebars – Jones Loop

Having seen them a few years ago I am now a complete convert and now have my two mtbs running Jones Loop handlebars. For those of you that don’t know what I’m taking about you can find more information here. Continue reading

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Planning time….

It’s that time of year when my thoughts turn to the coming new year. Rather than some people who view this as a backward looking time to be melancholy about the various goals that haven’t been achieved in the year that’s about to end, I see it as an opportunity to renew old objectives and create new ones. When you think about it we are human beings not human doings so if I don’t manage all of the goals I can cope. Continue reading

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Maxxis Chronicles

At long last an alternative for venerable Surly Knard 29×3.0 tyre has arrived. Whilst the Knard is a great fast rolling tyre for drier conditions it washes out quite quickly on the terrain that I spend most of my time riding the Krampus on. Enter the Maxxis ChronicleContinue reading

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