Single Speed MTB

Winter is on it’s way, which means lots of muddy trails for the mtb. With that in mind and with a view to building up some winter fitness I have once again got a single speed mtb in the garage. Continue reading

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Apidura Saddle Pack

To date for my bikepacking adventures I have been using a Wildcat Gear Mountain Lion handlebar bag and a Tiger seat ‘bag’. I have put the bag in inverted commas as it is really more of a secure harness system in which to carry a dry bag. In addition to this I have Salsa Anything Cages on my forks. I swapped the fork on my Surly Bikes Krampus to the one that had the mount for the cages. Continue reading

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The simple art of wheel building

So, I bought a second hand mtb to see me through the foulest of winter weather. It was a bit rough and ready but I wasn’t looking for anything expensive. It had a few minor issues that I have sorted out, namely new chain and cassette, new inner and middle chain rings and a new bottom bracket. Continue reading

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Lurcher dogs…..

Over the years I have had a number of lurcher dogs. For me these have to be the best dogs that there are. Loosely speaking they are a mix between a thinking dog and a running dog but very often they have 3, 4 or even more types of dog in their make up. Continue reading

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