Death on the roads.

I am sorry to say that it has finally happened. Someone I know has died whilst out cycling their bike. They were not a close friend, more a friend of a friend, but I had met the individual quite a few times. They were out cycling on roads that I have cycled and know well. Sadly I have read all too often in the news about deaths of cyclists but this one being an individual I know, riding roads I have ridden really does bring it all home a bit more. Continue reading

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I love a quick bike :)

Regular readers will know that I recently bought a new commuter bike, a Jamis disc brake cyclo cross bike to be precise. This has replaced a Trek hybrid which had given 18 months reliable service but just seemed a lot or work for not a lot of distance. Continue reading

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All hail the new commuter!

After quite a bit of searching about I decided to get one of these to replace the Trek Hybrid for the daily commute. Continue reading

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Running home.

I live around 8.5 miles from where I work. I usually cycle this or some times I take the car if I am tired or need to go off site for meetings during the day. I dabbled a little bit with trail running late last year but didn’t really go any great distance (5 miles tops). Out of interest I was keen to see if my current state of fitness would be good enough to allow me to ‘run’ home. Continue reading

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